Advertising Events

Welcome! In this area we will explain how you can advertise your events.

The easy way!

First, we use the term  “post” for “advertising” put simply. At your option, you can post on the “Calendar” or “Business Listing” In either case you must be registered and logged in. Registration is free for guests.

The rules:

  1. Posting to the Calendar – Posting to the calendar is easy but it does not “link” to any particular
    Business Listing thus, if you want events posted to a business listing you must also pot to a Business listing. Note, the Business listing must first “exist/be subscribed”  Business listings are a paid services provided by®
  2. Posting to Business Listing(s)

Options – You can post in multiple locations

  1. Register, login and start posting events for free! (this free version does not included community or pro-ticket sales but it’s free and you can promote your event and help other event holders promote their events for free!*
  2. Post Events “connected” to our business directory “WHT Directory” Do you own a business / venue that has events on a regular basis? Subscribe to our WHT Directory then connect and list your events so everyone will know what event you are holding and the event details. You can also add them to the event calendar too.
  3. Post Events displayed in the “Events Calendar” “WHT Event Calendar” This is another option you can use. If you want your events to display in the calendar add them to the calendar also. (note: adding the events to the even calendar does not link them to your WHT Directory Listing)
  4. Post Events and Sell Tickets – “Community Event Tickets” (requires set up) This option will post your events to the Event Calendar but is does not connect them to your business.

In summary you have options. To get your events to connect to your business listing “and” event calendar you will be required to enter the even information twice.  Once in the WHT Directory Connected Events and then again in the Events Calendar Events section.  Or, you can chose one over the other.

WHT Business Directory

  • To subscribe and list your Business click here
  • To post event connected to your business (to connect an event(s) connected to your business please register, login and add your business prior to attempting to add events “if” you want the event associated with the WHT business directory.  Otherwise “register, login and post your WHT business connected event.”

WHT Events Calendar

Community Events



*When posting make sure you have the details accurate and that you have permission to promote the event holders events. You are the one responsible for posting events.